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Lithium Valley

Establishing the Case for Energy Metals and Battery Manufacturing in Western Australia

Engaged by the Federal Government, InfraNomics co-wrote Lithium Valley a benchmark report on the industry that has been widely complemented.


WA DroneHub

Again engaged by the Federal government to review the drone industry in WA and complete the preliminary business case on how to development DroneHub in WA.

Electronic Circuit

Lithium Valley implementation

Development of the Lithium Valley Specialised Industrial Park

Financed by industry, InfraNomics has contacted hundreds of companies internationally and domestically to assist in establishing operations in WA or facilitating relocations. Working with these companies InfraNomics guides companies through the approval processes, government relationships, securing land, infrastructure delivery, development and stakeholder engagement. InfraNomics advises on preferred suppliers. InfraNomics is making Lithium Valley happen.

Valuation of unlisted company and patents

Curtin University

Engaged by Curtin University, InfraNomics completed a detailed valuation of an unlisted company with significant patents.

Waste treatment and carbon capture

On balance sheet investing

InfraNomics is financing the development of a waste treatment project that is carbon negative while producing valuable byproducts and no harmful emissions. More will be announced in 2019.

Industrial parks

Specialists in concentrated value creation

InfraNomics is leading three new industrial park developments that aim to concentrate collaboration and competition between industrial companies. In the fields of chemical processing, data capture and usage and agriculture.

Outer harbour port advice

Industry led review of Westport

InfraNomics completed the first published industry-led review and analysis on Westport. These detailed reports focused on trade flows, corporate governance, structuring etc and are available at the enclosed link.

Development of new irrigation precinct

Development of WA's newest irrigated precinct

Engaged by one of the largest speciality exporters in Australia, InfraNomics is developing the new irrigation precinct in WA. A major constraints report was initially completed and now the preliminary business case is being prepared.

Energy industry strategy

Creative solutions to complex problems

InfraNomics recently wrote the industry market review for a successful ASX Initial Public Offering.  The review focused on off-grid, fringe-of-grid, micro-grids as well as developing technologies and the way users are becoming generators.

Train station overbuild

New train station and mixed use precinct

Engaged by local government, InfraNomics completed a detailed economic and social analysis for a new train station overbuild and mixed-use community development. Clarified the commercial basis for the project and identified investors. Also clarified Land Value Capture options.

Business cases and value creation

Creative solutions to complex problems

InfraNomics' core recurring areas of business is developing sustainable business plans suitable for investors or government across various infrastructure sectors, most recently port related activities and industrial parks. InfraNomics are currently doing a detailed business case for an unsolicited proposal in the utility sector.

Construction in lithium valley

Land and infrastructure provision

Engaged by a new energy metals refiner to secure the best commercial land parcel (LandCorp or private land) as well as all infrastructure and approvals. InfraNomics' deep knowledge of the lithium valley region, how to deal with the government and other stakeholders made InfraNomics the perfect adviser to reduce time and costs.

Indian ocean trade flows

How to increase trade 

InfraNomics completed a detailed review of trade flows of Indian Ocean rim countries to and from China. Advised how to improve sustainable exports & jobs and infrastructure development. Recommendations to increase bilateral trade and capture greater economic, social and environmental benefits.

Carbon sequestration

Economically burying carbon

We make biochar that is buried to improve soils, increase water retention and increase soil fertility. We use a pilot pyrolysis retort to carbonise waste that will last thousands of years in the soil. Our biochar is produced free of charge for our clients. We are working on larger versions to assist in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

Debt and capital raising

InfraNomics have completed several capital and debt raisings for industrial companies and infrastructure projects with international funding. A current engagement is for expansion capital for a lithium valley company.

Sustainable infrastructure

Facilitating and balancing economic, social and environment benefits for people centric infrastructure assets like train stations or land developments. InfraNomics have recently completed a detailed market forecasting and infrastructure requirements study for Fremantle outer harbour/ Westport.

Economic and trade reviews

Working for an international credit and guarantee agency, InfraNomics is providing expert economic, strategic and trade financing advice for the establishment of a new Trade Credit, Insurance and Guarantee agency.